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The health of your four-legged friends is our mission.

Our company mission has always been to formulate products that can feed healthily and guarantee cats and dogs a healthy balanced diet to promote their well-being.

“Medicinal herbs: many properties for animal health”

The use of medicinal herbs isn't a question of marketing for us but a pondered choice, aimed at fulfilling the ever more specific needs of our faithful four-legged friends, preserving their health and well-being.

The growing interest that our company has also aroused overseas has enabled us to develop partnerships with several distributors in many countries and states among which Israel, Taiwan, Spain, Japan, Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania, Hong Kong, France, to name the most significant.


Marpet Today

Small steps towards new business horizons

Marpet's commercial network is made up of 27 agents throughout Italy and our products are distributed in more than 600 retail outlets.
Today Marpet is present on the market with the following brands: Greenfish, AEquilibriavet, ArtoJoint and Maintenance.

Marpet srl was established in 2002 by its founding partner Mr. Andrea Ravagnan

The current company structure is composed of the President and founder, Andrea Ravagnan, the Managing Director, Roberto Canazza, the Sales Director, Dr. Mario Cavestro and the Technical-Marketing Director, Dr. Valentina Ravagnan. In 2010 Marpet joined Camon, leaders in the Italian and European market in the production and sale of pet care products. This stimulated research and development of new products but also favoured increasing visibility of the company, thanks to the extensive organization and wide-reaching network of the Camon group.


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