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Artojoint was born from the experience of the Artosalus supplement by Orme Naturali, Camon brand. The supplements of fatty acids, devil's claw, boswellia, spirea and black currant help to preserve the normal mobility of the joints.

  • Helps maintain the physiological functionality of the joints

  • Fish as an animal protein source

  • It is integrated with dried extracts of devil's claw, boswellia, spirea and black currant inserted after cooking

  • Contains easily digestible and assimilable proteins

  • It does not contain wheat

  • It does not contain added dyes and preservatives

Cane artojoint all siza 12
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Cruelty Free

Senza additivi

Preservative free

Omega 3 6

With Omega3 and Omega6

Benessere articolare

Joint well-being

An advice

ArtoJoint is useful not only in adult or elderly dogs, but also as a prevention in medium and large dogs, as it helps to maintain the physiological well-being of the joints. Its composition with fish allows it to be used even in subjects with specific dietary needs.

Ingredients and characteristics


COMPOSITION: CORN, fish meal (18%), corn gluten, corn oil, dehydrated beet pulp (2%), yeast, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, crude fatty acids from fractionation (linen o, sunflower and soybean oil), seaweed meal (Ascophyllum Nodosum), fish oil, linseed meal, mono- di- and triglycerides of fatty acids (propionic, butyric, caprylic, lauric and capric acid), products obtained from the transformation of herbs (Spirea Ulmaria 0,025%, Harpagophytum procumbens 0,025%, Boswellia serrata 0,025%, Ribes nigrum 0,025%).

ADDITIVES PER KG. Nutritional Additives: 3a672a Vitamin A 11500 UI, 3a671 Vitamin D3 900 UI, 3a700 Vitamin E (t.r. alpha toc. Acet.) 145 mg, 3b405 Copper 10 mg, 3b101 Iron 20 mg, 3b502 Manganese 40 mg, 3b605 Zinc 45 mg, 3b201 Iodine 0,75 mg, 3b801 Selenium 0,1 mg.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 26%, Crude fibre 3%, Crude fat 12,5%, Crude ash 7%, Moisture 8%, Calcium 1,1%, Phosphorus 0,9%, Omega 3 fatty acid 0,21%, Omega 6 fatty acid 2,4%, Energetic value 3690 Kcal/Kg.


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