We really enjoy working with owners and breeders, especially those who have animals with eating disorders. Together we can do a lot for them.

The Breeders product lines are tailor-made to help breeders with the growth of our animal friends.

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Riprofert 2x

For reproduction

Facilitating the reproduction of your dogs or cats has always been one of our focuses. This is why we have created the Riprofert line, which exploits the properties of L-arginine, an amino acid that leads to a proven improvement in the semen analysis in hypofertile dogs and a significant increase in motility in dogs with proven fertility.


For maintenance

Maintenance line. To ensure that your dog always remains vital and in splendid shape.


Against intolerances

The combination of fish and rice, together with a supplement of specific purifying and detoxifying plants such as Milk Thistle, Artichoke and Rosemary, makes Greenfish a unique formula suitable for many needs.

Eqvet 2x

Mono-protein foods

Aequilibriavet Low grain 100%, Mono-protein and low in cereals. It is a product with high digestibility, suitable also for the most sensitive pets, which guarantees health and wellbeing.

Check out the wet line too


Made without wheat, ArtoJoint contains easily digestible and assimilable proteins and is supplemented with dried extracts of devil's claw, boswellia, spirea and blackcurrant.

Eqvet 2x

Chef Grain Free

The Æquilibriavet Grain Free line includes 4 different recipes which, without the use of cereals, are ideal for growing cats, adult cats and neutered cats. Without dyes and preservatives, it is enriched with seaweed, yucca schidigera, blueberries and cranberries.

Check out the wet line too
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It's important to keep your kittens growing with the right nutrition. That's why we have designed puppy kits that you can provide free of charge to customers who buy a puppy from your kennel.

The kit consists of:

  • Dry food bin
  • Health booklet
  • Marpet dog/cat product leaflet
  • Dry food measuring cup
  • Toy and bowl
  • Toilet bag holder
  • Puppy/kitten food of your choice
  • Discount voucher
  • Puppy registration form
Puppy kit
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