Æquilibriavet White fish - 400 g

Cane adulto


The Æquilibriavet line is a range of wet products formulated with a single protein source. The variety of protein sources available, combined with lemon balm and valerian, allow these products to be used in many situations, from specific dietary needs to simple, high-quality daily nutrition. Lemon balm has an anti-stress action and is useful for reducing intestinal spasms, helping to control digestive difficulties while valerian has a calming action in the most sensitive and anxious subjects.

  • Dietary food for the reduction of food intolerances
  • Pollock as an animal protein source
  • Contains easily digestible and assimilable proteins
  • Grain-free recipe
  • It is integrated with dry extracts of Lemon Balm and Valerian
  • It does not contain added dyes and preservatives
Cane laequilibriavet umido 400 pesce bianco
Symboli no animal test

Cruelty Free

Senza additivi

Preservative free

Formula veterinaria

Veterinary formula


Gluten Free


Monoproteic food

An advice

The action of Melissa and Valerian combined with Tryptophan can be of considerable help in all dogs that show fear, anxiety and / or aggression and this is also demonstrated by a clinical study conducted by veterinarians who are experienced in behavior.

Ingredients and characteristics


Reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances. Selected and limited number of pro tein source – Pollock.

COMPOSITION: fish and fish derivatives (pollock 100%), derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, vegetables (tomato) 1%, oils and fats (sunflower seeds oil, linseed oil 0,2%)

NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES: 3aB41/Vitamin D3 220 IU, 3a700/Vitamin E (RRR-alpha tocopherol) 25 mg, 3b605/Zinc 15 mg, 3b503/Manganese 3 mg, 3b202/Iodine 0,5 mg, 3c440 L-tryptophan 800 mg. Sensory additives: leaves extract of Melissa officinalis 500 mg, Valerian root extract 400 mg, Ginger tincture 300 mg.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: moisture 82,2%, crude protein 9,1 %, crude fibres 0,5%, crude fat 1%, crude ash 2,4%, energy value 630 Kcal/Kg.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: give adult dogs, at room temperature, the daily quantities recommended in the table. Once the package is opened, keep the pet food in the refrigerator and give it within 2 days. Always leave fresh and clean water available. Store in a cool, dry place.


400 g can


WEIGHT5 kg10 kg20 kg30 kg40 kg
DAILY RATION570-470 g960-1320 g1620-2220 g2190-3000 g2720-3730 g
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